1. Sennheiser MX 170 In-Ear Headphone

    MX 170 In-Ear Dynamic Headphone

    Rs. 790



    • Powerful, bass-driven stereo sound

    • Outstanding wearing comfort on the go

    • Symmetrical cable for a tangle-free listening experience

    • Optimised for MP3, iPod, iPhone (iPod and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries) and portable media players

    • 2-year warranty

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  2. Sennheiser CX 180 Ear Canal Headphone

    CX 180 Ear Canal Headphone

    Rs. 1,090

    Cool Ear Canal headphones with a finger contoured housing design for each adjustment and optimal wearing comfort they featurehigh passive attennuationof ambient noise and powerful bass Learn More
  3. HD 206 Over Ear Headphones

    HD 206 Over Ear Headphones

    Rs. 1,490

    Great sound doesn't have to cost a fortune. These comfortable, lightweight, supra-aural headphones provide dynamic audio with crisp bass and good external noise attenuation without breaking the bank.

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  4. Sennheiser PX 80 Headphone

    PX 80 On-Ear Headphone

    Rs. 1,690

    Open Supra-aural headphones that are great for music on the move. They feature a rich natural sound for captivating listening. Plus their foldable design makes them ideal for outdoor use. Learn More
  5. Sennheiser HD 205 II Over Ear Headphone

    HD 205 II Over Ear Stereo Headphone

    Rs. 3,990



    • Medium-sized dynamic, supraaural headphones

    • For compact systems or mobile players (32ohm)

    • Powerful stereo sound

    • Outstanding passive attenuation of ambient noise

    • Rotatable ear cup for one-ear listening

    • Highest wearing comfort for long music sessions

    • Comfortable head- and ear pads

    • Convenient protective pouch included

    • 3.5 mm jack plug and ¼“ (6.3 mm) screw-on jack adaptor, gold-plated

    • Single-sided cable

    • 2-year warranty

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  6. HD 2.10 Headphones Stereo On Ear
  7. Sennheiser CX 3.00 Black In-Ear Earphone

    CX 3 Black In-Ear Earphone

    Rs. 3,990

    High-quality earphones offering detailed sound reproduction and enhanced bass response. Ready to use with all devices. Learn More
  8. CX 2.00G White In-Ear Headset

    CX 2.00G White In-Ear Headset

    Rs. 4,490

  9. Sennheiser HD 221 On-Ear Stereo Headphone

    HD 221 On-Ear Stereo Headphone

    Rs. 4,490

    The compact, fold-flat HD 221 headphones, featuring fresh new styling, great bass-driven sound and designed to be the perfect, take-anywhere companion for enjoying music on mobile devices. It combines Sennheisers' characteristic balance of fine audio quality and reliable, durable design, with elegant contemporary looks for a more stylish mid-sized headphone. Learn More
  10. CX 2.00i Black In-Ear Headset

    CX 2.00i Black In-Ear Headset

    Rs. 4,490

  11. HD 2.20s Headphones On Ear with mic
  12. Sennheiser HDR 120 Wireless Headphone

    HDR 120 Wireless Headphone

    Rs. 5,490


    • Open, stereo, supraaural, wireless RF headphone
    • Detailed, analytical sound reproduction with strong bass response
    • Suitable for all types of modern music and TV applications
    • Wireless freedom with reception through walls and ceilings
    • Very lightweight headphones, extremely comfortable to wear
    • Appealing, modern design
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  13. HD 4.20s Over Ear Headphones

    HD 4.20s Over Ear Headphones

    Rs. 6,490

  14. HD 2.30 On Ear I - White Headphones
  15. HD 2.30 On Ear G - Black Headphones