What are Headphones?

Headphones are electronic listening devices worn on the head close to the ears. They are connected to an audio source such as a stereo system. MP3 player, mobile phone, LCD TV, computer etc. Headphones are becoming increasingly popular among people who like to listen to their choice of music without disturbing or being disturbed by others. There is an emerging trend among young people who enjoy music ‘on-the-go’ to get the best sound from their MP3 players and mobile phone by buying a pair of high quality headphones.

1. What are the different types of headphones?

There are two main types of headphones – closed and open.

Closed Headphones are better for outdoors or other noisy environments.They isolate you from outside noise and prevent headphone sound from leaking, so that other people are not disturbed.

Open Headphones have perforated earcups, which allow you to hear what is around you and are better for general use in quiet environments like your home.

2. What are the different wearing styles in headphones?

There are three wearing styles:

Circumaural : (Over the Ear) headphones that completely surround the ears.

Supra-Aural : (Over the Ear) headphones that are worn on the external ear.

Intra-aural : (In the Ear) phones that are directly inserted into the ear canal.

3. Which headphones are best for which use?

Sennheiser makes many types of headphones to suit different people and requirements. Monitoring headphones for studio use, high quality headphones for audiophiles, wireless headphones for home theatres, portable headphones for iPods, MP3 players and mobile phones and Sports line for use in gyms and while running, etc. Choose your headphones based on where and how you will be using them.

4. Choosing your headphones.

Consider the following points before buying your headphones:

Usage: You might use headphones for casual, on-the-go listening or, if you’re an audiophile, you might use them with high-end systems. You need to decide what you primary use is going to be.

Comfort: The main thing you need to look for is comfort. Weight, wearing-style, ear material, ear-cups and cord length all play a role here.

Sound quality: Headphones differ in sound quality. If you’re looking for the purest acoustical experience, be prepared to pay for it.

Environment: Where you’ll be using headphones is just as important. Ear buds are ideal for sports and running, noise-canceling headphones are best in planes.

Healthy Listening

Everyone uses headphones nowadays – while traveling, enjoying music on mobile phones or MP3 players, or even while watching a movie at night. Keep these tips in mind to keep your ears safe.

5. How loud?

Don’t listen at more than 70% of the maximum volume if you use your headphones all day, or more than 80% of the volume if you use them for an hour or so. The lower you can keep the volume, the better.

Don’t use them to drown out noise!
If you’re in a noisy environment, you shouldn’t turn up the volume on your headphones to drown out noise. Instead get a pair of closed-ear or noise canceling headphones.

6. Why should I buy Sennheiser products from the online store ?

There are many options for you to buy Sennheiser Products today. You can buy Sennheiser products at any of our authorized dealers.

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7. Am I buying directly from Sennheiser India ?

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8. Where can I get help for checking my order status and other delivery related queries ?

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