Jan 27, 2014 12:00:22 PM


The pioneer of headphone engineering made its mark once again at CES Innovations Design and Engineering, 2014. The leader showcased a brilliant assembly of pro DJ headsets, gaming headphones and more at the world’s most happening electronic show, held in Vegas. A rundown on the headphones that raised the bar and stole the show.

DJ & Monitoring headphones

Designed in association with entities like Bob Sinclar, Andy Baxter, Davina and others great names in the DJ field, this section comprises the brand new HD8 DJ and HD7 DJ  built for use with DJ gear, and HD6 MIX made for use in the studio. They’re perfect for live sound applications, and some of the top features include 210-degree swiveling ear cups, coiled & straight 3-meter cables and a more balanced sound curve.

Gaming biggies

Developed in alliance with IO Interactive, the G4ME ONE and G4ME ZERO PC gaming headsets promise to deliver an authentic sound experience and the realisation of a virtual sonic landscape that is hard to conquer. The high end gaming gear is especially optimised for some of the most popular and adrenaline pumping games including Hitman Absolution.

Lifestyle range - Momentum's new look

Giving a new lease of life to the much acclaimed Momentum range are the new Momentum Ivory and Momentum On Ear headphones that come with the signature Momentum sound. The highlights include high-gloss black, subtle brown, intense red and ivory shade punctuations along with supple leather and steel accents for a sparkling new look.

Communication headphones - MM 30G in-ears 

Greatly benefiting from the 7 decade experience that powers the brand, Sennheiser's Presence falls in the category of premium Bluetooth headsets. Its sleek design, triple digital microphones and array of Digital Signal Processing features make it stand out from the crowd. MM30G earbuds, on the other hand, are dedicated to the Android crowd and built especially for pairing up with Samsung Galaxy phones. The highlights include a three button inline mic control, passive noise attenuating eartips and high end dynamic drivers.

This pretty much sums up Sennheiser’s new line up of ready-to-hit-the-showroom gear that it unveiled at the CES 2014. A great start to the year indeed.