May 26, 2014 11:17:45 AM

When it comes to enjoying music, listening to songs and talking on the go, there are few accessories, headphones to be precise, that produce out of the world sound. There are even fewer creations that are capable of competing with Sennheiser headphones or beating ‘the’ sound that cements its reputation in the industry and among die hard music lovers. For, if it is Sennheiser, it is nothing but flawless, unadulterated and unparallel sound. It is taken for granted that the piece of accessory will be high on performance, great in terms of technology, gorgeous as far as looks are concerned and a cut above the rest. After all, it is one of the biggest highlights of German dedication and craftsmanship, and brought to you by the pioneer of headphone engineering who has ruled the rankings for over seven decades now.

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