Sep 19, 2015 11:53:17 AM


The word ‘Urbanite’ spells ‘young and bold’ and this is what the Sennheiser Urbanite has to offer – A trendy pair of headphones that your ears will completely adore. One can feel the love that the Urbanite spreads with the massive bass it possesses without compromising on the Sennheiser legacy of sound clarity! The aural experience that the Urbanite family creates will leave you pondering if this is the first time your ears are exposed to what Sennheiser calls ‘the perfect sound’.

The Urbanite family branches out to the stylish Urbanite, ultra-modern Urbanite XL and the smart Urbanite XL Wireless. Throw your favourite tracks to these headphones and never get disappointed with the bone rattling bass they offer which will make you groove wherever you are! Want ‘on the move’ bass? The On Ear Urbanite is what you are looking for – extremely comfortable and the perfect size for a little stroll down the street to enjoy the music. In the mood for an intense club sound on the weekend? Don’t look too far! The Over Ear Urbanite XL serves up massive bass with the enclosed ear cups ensuring that you don’t lose out on even one note! What if you want to move further up from the plains to the Himalayas for a trek? And break free from the wires and enjoy the adrenaline with complete freedom? The Urbanite XL Wireless is built to last till you drop. The extra ordinary bass throws you into a musical trance bringing you back only when you receive a call!

Bass is not the only that will turn your heads towards the Urbanite.The Urbanites are called head turners for the way they look. The trendy colors will make it difficult for you to pick one. But they are not the clichéd ‘touch me not’, you can throw them around. The design which is based on the philosophy ‘rougher is better’ makes them able to withstand vigorous activity.The headphones have stainless-steel hinges, which add a striking touch of rugged urban style to cool design touches like the colour-coordinated fabric-wrapped headband.

Let’s get down to the comfort. The Urbanites can easily cuddle down flexibly into a very easy storage design making it very easy to carry them around without requiring even an inch of extra space, just toss them into their special storage pouch and they are ready to leave. The collapsible slides let you adjust them to better suit your head making the music directly get to your ears.