Aug 6, 2014 4:34:58 PM

Sennheiser, one of the leading names in superior quality headphones has once again gained attention with the launch of 3 mini-headphones in India. The New PMX 95, PCX 95 and PX 95. All these three headphones have been specifically designed for the Indian crowd keeping the budget and usage in mind. They are durable, long-lasting and great in terms of design. The PMX 95 is available online at the Sennheiser India online store for Rs. 3990, the PCX 95 for Rs. 4990 and the PX 95 is priced at Rs. 5490 respectively.  All the three head gears go very well with Apple iPod and iPhone and each of these devices come with a 2 year warranty period. 

The PMX 95 is both dynamic & modern in make. It is a rotatable neckband headphone by Sennheiser with an ergonomic design that provides great comfort and mobility. It can be worn behind the neck making it look unique. It has an anti-friction 12 metre cable that enables the person wearing it to move freely and enjoy great music, even on the go. The ear cups are rotatable and can be easily adjusted, the earpad is quite well made with some added foam. It weighs just 54 grams.

The PCX 95 is detailed and bass driven. This headphone is a first of its kind by Sennheiser, as it is an in-ear device, making it look like a wireless headset. This is great in case you need to listen to some music on your phone placed in your trouser pocket. The PCX 95 has been effectively made to provide enhanced and detailed sound, with more bass effect. It has an angled acoustic pipe for great sound. Sennheiser claims the PCX 95 projects precision bass. Soft rock and classical music sounds great on the PCX 95. This headphone has a single sided anti-friction cable that gives more freedom of movement and the ear adaptors make for a perfect fit.

The PX 95 is sleek, extremely lightweight & has an improved design. The PX 95 is slender in the way it is made, has an improved mini-headphone that provides detailed sound and is light-weight and comfortable to wear. The steel head band is durable, flexible thus giving it a great fit. The PX 95 has improved dynamics and is great in terms of the sound quality. The PX 95 comes with improved ear pad foam and has good quality fabric mesh.

Sennheiser, the world renowned German headphone manufacturer is always in news for creating innovative and superior level products in the field of music. In their hunt for the perfect sound, Sennheiser captures attention through its innovative headphones to help their audience get the true experience of great music. This time Sennheiser captures the attention of the Indian audience with PMX 95, PCX 95 and PX 95. These headphones have been designed for the new-age Indian music lovers, as it very well caters to their music taste and preferences.