May 15, 2014 9:50:01 AM


The importance of a ‘good’ headphone can seldom be denied and dedicated gamers know how true and pertinent that is. The lack of one can act as the spoilsport, cause interruptions, let your opponent take the edge, and worst still, make you lose the game at hand. So shift gear and embrace the latest gift of technology. Switch over to the marvellous Sennheiser Game Zero headphones and experience the difference. Not only will you be able to play as if there is no tomorrow but also enjoy a gaming session that is not punctuated with hiccups or moments of confusion you could do away without.

One of the latest additions to Sennheiser’s line-up of gaming headsets and preceded by its advanced range of professional pilot headsets, Game Zero has indeed a lot to offer. The exclusive gaming headset has the potential to change the way you conquer the battlefield or defeat the opponent and give you all the kick you were hungry for. It can be your ideal accomplice for professional gaming and also be advantageous for those into casual gaming as it is flooded with an exciting combination of features. The following is a list of the same.

Sennheiser Game Zero headphones are made in compatibility with PC and Mac systems to give you more options. You do not need to look for separate headphones for different OS/ computing systems.

Sennheiser Game Zero headphones comes empowered with the brand’s unique “Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement” (EAR) technology. This helps the device bring about the highest in sonic accuracy, clarity, precision and transparency by directly pouring the music into the ears.

Sennheiser Game Zero headphones are fuelled by the brand’s very own transducer technology that again re-endorses its promise of clarity and accuracy of sound and pave the way for immersive gaming.

Sennheiser Game Zero headphones are laced with a noise cancelling microphone that is not just a replication of the ordinary ones. It is fitted with a top quality, professional-grade noise-cancelling microphone that in turn is supplemented with an intuitive mute function for the user’s convenience

Sennheiser Game Zero headphones know the smallest of details can make or break your game. So it comes with an updated closed design that wonderfully allows you to catch the slightest of details. It attenuates ambient noise/ insulates the ears from the outside noise to help you totally concentrate on the game. What’s more, the painted steel ear cup grids with a thick base are custom-made to suit your fancy.

Sennheiser Game Zero headphones’ modified ear pads prove to be a great plus point as there is more than one layer of fitted ear padding to ensure the comfort factor isn’t compromised. The presence of thick leatherette and triple-layered memory foam ear pads makes it even better. The headphones also give you the allowance of adjusting the cans as per your convenience with the help of its XXL ear pads. The latter provides a lot of space around the ears and guarantees the best fit.

Time to get the exclusive rendition of German engineered technology and let the battle begin!