Aug 5, 2014 4:42:30 PM

Music brings life to many. Some of us are ready to pay a bomb for a great music player, but when it comes to the headphone, we settle for anything less but the best. Grabbing a quality pair of headphone is the most essential thing be it for games or music. Making up your mind as to which headphone to buy especially when it is the brand Sennheiser is a difficult task, because of the wide variety it offers.

Sennheiser is the name synonymous to recording, transmitting, and reproducing sound. It has a range of superior quality headphones for Audiophile, Home entertainment, Portable entertainment and for Professional use.

Audiophile includes the very high-end headphones that provide total precision and great quality. These include:  HDVD 800, HDVA 600, IE 800, HD 800, HD 650 and HD 700.

Sennheiser portable entertainment offers diverse products for you to enjoy great music even on the move. They have great products to offer in Music, Sennheiser Sports, Stereo Bluetooth, Noise cancellation and Stereo Bluetooth.

It is important to remember these points while buying gaming headphones:

1.Check for the sound. A good headphone will give pure sound, without filtering or altering the original audio of the game. The best way for this is to check out the audio quality before buying one. If you are buying it online, then research well and read customer reviews before investing your hard earned money
2.Check out the quality and the make of the headphone. See if it has the noise cancelling feature, if you are ready to pay more. This will keep the background noise at bay.
3.Check the durability and shelf life of the headphone, a good and expensive one will and must go on for years
See that the microphone is fit well and if can be muted easily
4.Check for the size of the ear-pieces. See that they are large and cover the ear well. Also ensure they are padded well with good quality foam. A good gaming headset will have all of this.
5.A gaming headphone must be comfortable enough, especially when worn for longer durations.

Sennheiser headphones don’t just sound good, it also looks great. It has some great products for gaming. One of them is the G4ME. Buy Sennheiser Headphones to satisfy your gaming desires.

The G4ME headset is one of the best gaming headphones. It is highly professional and is neatly packed in a semi-hard carrying case. It paves way to hours of superb game play. The ear-pieces are big and extra large, they are padded well with foam. The G4ME headsets are highly durable and elegant. These come with real great microphones. This microphone can be muted very conveniently by just swinging it upwards. It also has volume control on the right ear-piece, which can be easily adjusted as needed during the game. The audio is fine and crisp. The microphone is fine and does not pick up any background sounds.