Sep 23, 2015 10:34:21 AM


What keeps you going while at gym, jogging, playing your favourite sport or sweating it out at a yoga or dance class? MUSIC – Breaks the monotony of waking up everyday and performing the same exercises. But how do you manage to keep it safe and on your ears throughout your exercising regime? Sennheiser has the solution you have been waiting for. The savior is the Sennheiser Sports Headphones that deliver energizing sound for the ultimate sporting experience. The sports series is a result of Sennheiser’s passion for sound and insight into the impact and challenges of extreme movement on audio, comfort and fit.

The Sports Headphones comprising of the MX 686 SPORTS, CX 686 SPORTS, PMX 686 SPORTS and OCX 686 SPORTS is a fusion of Sennheiser’s technique and your passion for sports. What is it exactly that one could desire from Sports Headphones? Impervious to rain and sweat, tolerate being treated with sporty roughness, stay securely and comfortably in place, even during the most violent workout moves and most important, sound so fantastic that you don’t want to stop listening to your favourite tracks, right? To understand this, Sennheiser commissioned research studies with leading universities to best understand the impacts that extreme sports movements have on the sound and fit of headphones. Featuring high-tech materials carefully selected to ensure comfort, water resistance, durability and hygiene, the new SPORTS headphones deliver energizing sound with an excellent fit and significantly reduced noise from wind or from contact with clothes. All models include an integrated smartphone remote and microphone that allows easy controlling of volume, tracks and calls when exercising. The sweat and water resistant mechanism conforms to the high standard with the IPX4 testing which ensures protection against splashing water. To complete the package, SteriTouch® anti-bacterial ear adapters and sleeves are included as a standard accessory, a material that maintains its hygienic qualities even over a lifetime of use and washes. You can be assured of the greatness of the Sports Headphones as these were developed with the participation of athletes who know what they need in sports headphones.

Whether you prefer indoors or outdoors, the SPORTS range comprises both open and closed acoustic designs to suit different activities. The MX 686 SPORTS and PMX 686 SPORTS feature open acoustics, allowing for a better awareness of external sounds that is ideal for outdoor pursuits such as running. Sennheiser has developed new adapters for the MX 686 SPORTS and a vertical in-ear design for the PMX 686 SPORTS that delivers a punchy bass while remaining acoustically open which means great comfort with extra ordinary sound!

The MX 686 SPORTS features a classic earphone design and uses Sennheiser’s proven slide-to-fit ear-adapter for a customised secure fit and ensure high comfort as they have been made of silicone, while the PMX 686 SPORTS has a headband that offers additional security. You can twist and turn but the headphones won’t give up on your ears!

Meanwhile, the CX 686 Sports and OCX 686 SPORTS‘  closed ear-canal designs are perfect for indoor exercise as they shield out noise distractions in environment such as gyms.The CX 686 SPORTS has slide-to-fit ear-adapter for a customised secure fit and ensure high comfort as they have been made of silicone, whereas the OCX 686 SPORTS features a flexible earhook securing mechanism that is both comfortable and reduces cable noise.