Jun 16, 2014 11:48:14 AM

Brand Sennheiser hails all the way from Germany and carries along with it the legacy of headphone manufacturing. It is successful in offering headphones that are propelled by an array of advantageous features and backed by a host of technical aspects to help music aficionados listen to their favourite music and be of assistance to professionals to stir up an eclectic mix of tunes in clubs and parties or in the studio. It gains visibility in all parts of the world because it is committed to excellence, comes up headphones that are technologically superior and doesn’t believe in the word ‘compromise’. Resultantly, it finds its list of users pouring in from all ends, from disc jockeys (DJs) to cameramen, musicians to recording artists, gamers to computer users, regular mobile phone users to electronic news gathering experts, people who monitor on-stage performances to those who conduct audio equipment testing and more.

Given below is an assemblage of attributes that not only lends character to the Sennheiser renditions but also makes them an instant hit with users from different walks of life. These go onto to helping the latter enjoy comfort and compact sound and become a Sennheiser loyalist forever. Read on.

1. Variety in headphone design- To begin with, Sennheiser understands the importance of variety and caters to a wide number of applications and users. It therefore brings on the platter circumaural (also known as over the ear) headphones, supra-aural (also called on the ear) headphones and intra-aural (in the ear in other words) headphone designs. While circumaural cans totally surround the ears, the supra-aurals are placed on the external ear and the intra-aurals are straight away put into the ear canal

2. Wireless and wired headphone options- Sennheiser, in its effort to provide utmost comfort and convenience to the user, brings both wired as well as wireless headphones for the user to choose from.

3. Commanding stereo sound- Sennheiser headphones derive their strength from a superlative stereophonic sound technology that assists them in building an idea of sound that feels as if it comes from various directions. It ensures clear instrument separation and is accompanied by clarity of tenor.

4. Noise cancelling clarity- A regular and extremely important feature that most Sennheiser headphones boast of, it plays a catalytic role in isolating ambient noise for an audio experience that isn’t watered-down.

5. Neodymium ferrous magnet systems and aluminium voice coils - Neodymium ferrous magnets are a part of many Sennheiser headphones to make sure there is optimum sensitivity along with an extensive dynamic range. Aluminium or copper voice coils are also present to ensure greater accuracy and a fast transient.response.

6. Nominal impedance- Most Sennheiser headphones have nominal impedance to encourage universal compatibility.

7. High SPL- Many Sennheiser headphones have increased sound pressure level to facilitate the recording of sound sources that are extremely loud.

8. Extremely high levels of listening comfort- Last but not the least, Sennheiser headphones are lightweight and very comfortable. So that they can be worn for endless sessions with having to bear the brunt later on. Some even come with articulated cups/ rotatable capsules/ collapsible/ swivel  ear cups for added advantage.