Sep 19, 2014 1:08:06 PM


Sennheiser is a brand above the rest. So choosing the right headphone will be a daunting task until you know why you need one. They offer a wide variety in terms of price, features, design, make etc. Whether you are listening to music at home or are travelling, buying a Sennheiser headphone will be worth any day.

- When it comes to headphones, you need to check on certain things like the earbuds or the in-ear headphones. Cheap quality ear buds normally come with music players. Understand your comfort factor and proceed. Headphones are comfortable to wear, easy to wear and take out.

- Read through various specialty features that headphones offer. Noise cancellation, Noise isolation, wireless are some of these. Wireless headphones will be a great option when you are doing something, like in the gym. And it is simply great for the ones who love to be free without cords.

- It would be great to test the headphone before deciding to buy one

- Check for the sound quality. Audio is a very important element to be considered before buying a headphone.

- Check out for the durability and warranty. It would be great to be aware of these as you wouldn’t want to spend so much money on something that didn’t last long and also didn’t come with a warranty tag.

How to choose the best Sennheiser headphone

 1. Know why you need a Sennheiser Headphone. Once you know this, you can proceed further.

2. HD600, HD700 and HD800 are good for recordings, for movies and listening to music. Their sound levels are good and the bass and treble sounds are distributed well. It is a good choice for all who don’t want to spend large amount of money and yet own a great product

3. The Sennheiser RS 220 is a wireless headphone, a good Bluetooth headphone best suited while you are on the move. Also useful while you are in the gym working out. It has noise cancellation features, a 3.55 mm port, and a cable for hardwired connection, replaceable ear pads and a travel case.

4. In the HD700, the sound is much more clear and detailed. The HD700 delivers smooth, warm sound which is very much a plus point while listening to music.

5. The next best is the Sennheiser HD800. This is an expensive one but also a great choice for professionals looking for an edge. A great choice for musicians looking for unmatched clarity and good sound quality. What you get is an amazing listening experience.

6. If you are looking for a wireless home theatre experience, then Sennheiser RS 160 is the one for you. It doesn’t just sound the best but is also relevant because it comes without cords attached. The Sennheiser RS 160 is affordable as compared to the next best in this line. It is lightweight, comes with a small transmitter and you can fit four pairs of headphones to the base.