May 29, 2013 1:01:39 PM


The golden hour. In medicine it certainly means the hour that decides a patient lives or dies. In the world of photography, it is the beginning and the final hour of sunlight that helps achieve a particular photographic effect thanks to the difference in the texture of light. And in software engineering it connotes the initial 3600 seconds of a buyer’s encounter or experience with a product.


When I chanced upon the ‘sound of success’ as it is often labelled as, I wasn’t exactly sure what was in store for me. Crisp, crazy and incredible is what I thought it felt like when I first put the Sennheiser Momentum cans on my ears. The audio ranging was excellent, ambient noise attenuation quite up to the mark and nominal impedance just about perfect. And with its premium stainless steel strip with a brushed metal finish and absolutely gorgeous leather offerings, it was truly a thing of envy I gathered.


I would in no way be exaggerating if I tell you I was literally blown away by the Sennheiser Momentum sound and its extraordinary looks. It was the sound of commitment and technical excellence if I may say. In other words, I was totally sold on the idea of ‘sound, vision and passion’ that it originated from and the brand’s assurance of a quality and performance that is hard to beat. Thought I could definitely invest some from my limited resources to purchase this marvellous piece of headphone engineering and add to the list of my prized possessions.


So there are no prizes for guessing what the outcome of this golden hour must have been. The sixty minutes that showed me what kind of a different excellence can make and the 3600 seconds that made me realise there is no point in compromising with mediocrity. I have been using the grand Sennheiser Momentum headphones for a while now and I think I will never regret buying it.