Oct 8, 2013 1:52:50 PM


The Sennheiser HD 25 has been ruling the roost for two and a half decades and continues to remain one of the most coveted DJ headphones the world has ever seen. On its 25th anniversary, the undisputed king of headphones receives birthday wishes and admiration from Sennheiser loyalists from all across the globe and some of the world’s most renowned DJs. It also witnesses the launch of the grand HD 25 Aluminium- yet another exemplary pair of DJ headphones that aims to rebuild the cult magic that its predecessor is till date famous for.

HD 25-1 II

Perfect in all its imperfections and worthy of being taken inspiration from, the Sennheiser HD 25 has acquired a legendary status. Since its inception in 1988, it has played a pivotal role in the field of music and performance, and won the heart of thousands of users and been the first choice of many. Its prestigious line up of users includes Swiss-Chilean DJ, Luciano; Bob Sinclar, French record producer and house music DJ; Canadian superstar DJ Mike Shannon; Parisian electro house DJ, Martin Solveig; and DJ legend and four time DMC champion QBert to name a few. The headphones have been the trusted choice for parties, stage performances and studio recordings for their immense clarity, clean response, measured bass, detailed treble, linear response and tight sound. Their robust design, commendable fit and tremendous longevity have been contributing factors as well. No wonder, the Sennheiser HD 25’s charm hasn’t ceased to be and its users still swear by it!