Cables and Wires

Sennheiser Extension Cable 1.6m Straight Plug Sennheiser USB Cable (1.2m)

USB Cable (1.2m)

Rs. 727
Sennheiser AF Cable 3.5mm Stereo Jack Black

AF Cable, 3.5mm Stereo Jack Black

Rs. 1,124
Audio cable - red

Audio cable - red

Rs. 1,190
Coiled cable with 3.5mm plug screwable HD 380 AF cable, iPod/iPhone black

AF cable, iPod/iPhone black

Rs. 2,175
Connecting cable Galaxy for MOMENTUM (M2)  AF cable, red, 1.4m for iPod/iPhone/iPad AF cable, black, 1.4m for iPod/iPhone/iPad
Audio cable

Audio cable

Rs. 4,425
Cabel with plug 6.35mm3m

Cabel with plug 6.35mm3m

Rs. 7,425
MOMENTUM (Black) AF cable, iPod/iPhone red
Headphone connection cable (HD 800 / HD 800 S) HD 650 XLR cable

HD 650 XLR cable

Rs. 18,990